Birth Certificates:

The short form is the wallet-credit card size format containing only your name, date and place of birth, certificate number, sex, registration and issuance dates. Click here to obtain one.

The Long form contains all of the information of the short form plus a lot of additional information, like particulars of the parents and of the physician attending the birth, your weight at birth, weeks of pregnancy of the mother and her marital status at that time, etc.. Click here to obtain one.
To get or update your Canadian Passport
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Affidavit of Single Marital Status
Must be drawn in English and signed by the marrying person in front of a Notary Public who will testify to that. It is very important that the testifying person be a Notary Public and not just a Commissioner to take oaths. (All lawyers are notaries).

Note: I will provide you with the English format for your lawyer to complete and notarize. Must be signed and notarized before I translate it.

How to obtain a Canadian Divorce Certificate:

Call the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings in Ottawa (613)957-4519. This is a Canada-wide index of divorces begun after July 1968. Provide the names of the divorcing parties (including the wife’s maiden name if known) and get the number of the Courthouse where the divorce took place, the file number and year; then contact the Clerk of that court and ask for your divorce certificate.

Note: Some countries will not allow remarrying until after a certain time the divorce went into effect.

Prenuptial Agreement
Optional in most cases. To be prepared in English by your lawyer. When your spouse is from a Spanish-speaking country, I will translate it for you.  In some countries and in some Mexican states you will have to choose the regime of ownership of property that will govern your matrimonial contract:: joint or independent ownership of property. For the latter, in some Mexican states you will sign a separate “default” marriage contract in Spanish (equivalent to a simplified general prenuptial agreement).  

Note: The local rules of that country for matrimonial regimes of ownership of property are generally enforceable in Canada, even among two Canadian spouses.  You might want to have a previous prenuptial agreement signed in Canada to supersede that.

How and where to obrain a Canadian Certificate of Birth, Marriage or Death:
Most provinces allow you to get your certificates over the internet.  Get the information by clicking on the corresponding flag below.


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